Security Consultant to the Casino and Hospitality Industries

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Charles H. Barry is an expert in casino and corporate security, surveillance and investigations.  He has more than 35 years of experience as a senior corporate officer for four major publicly-traded casino and hospitality industry corporations with operations in eight states and three countries.

Services Offered


  • Consult at corporate and operations levels on security, surveillance and investigations
  • Create and implement policies and procedures
  • Develop major incident response policies and procedures
  • Provide project and temporary management services
  • Advise on land-based, tribal and riverboat gaming environments in North and South America, South Africa, Europe, Canada and Australia
  • Conduct  security and surveillance operational training programs and audits
  • Liaise with gaming regulators in the United States and foreign countries


  • Assist with managing all aspects of litigation: evidence, video, photography, documentation, witness interviews and assessment and research
  • Assist with post-event response to major security incidents such as an active shooter scenario: documentation, photography and evidence collection once a crime scene is released by law enforcement in order to prevent evidence issues during litigation

Expert Witness

  • Security litigation and premises liability
  • Defense and plaintiff cases
  • Deposition, trial, mediation and arbitration testimony
  • Trial consulting services including development of mitigation strategies
  • Case consultation and review

Project Management

  • Provide project and temporary management services for security projects
  • Train new security managers and directors
  • Assist project owners and general contractors in designing and implementing security and surveillance systems


  • Casino gaming security
  • Guest and employee protection
  • Casino and hotel patrol techniques and tactics
  • Security personnel deployment 
  • Report writing and communications
  • Investigations
  • Arrest and detention
  • Use of force
  • Reactive techniques for active shooter or other violent incidents
  • Customer relations for security operations


  • Internal violations of policies and procedures
  • Domestic and international matters
  • Compliance and support for BSA/AML, KYC programs
  • Employee and vendor compliance
  • Criminal and civil situations